April 18th, 2014

NDP files formal complaint against Liberals in Kingston and the Islands

Toronto – Today the Ontario NDP lodged a formal complaint with Elections Ontario against the Liberals in Kingston and the Islands for illegal online advertising.


The Liberals are running online election advertisements on Facebook during an advertising blackout period stipulated in Ontario elections law.

Legal counsel for the Ontario NDP said by posting the Facebook advertisement, the Liberal candidate violated section 37(2) of the Election Finances Act, which states:


“No party…or candidate…and no person…shall arrange for or consent to political advertising that appears during a blackout period.”


The Ontario NDP’s legal counsel said, “The Liberal Facebook ad yesterday, May 7 after 1 p.m., is in violation of the blackout period.”


The Ontario NDP's legal counsel asked the Chief Electoral Officer to take immediate steps to ensure that the Liberal ads be removed immediately.


The advertising blackout period ensures fairness between all campaigns so voters can expect clean, honest, and fair campaigning from all candidates.