March 21st, 2016

NDP MPP DiNovo calls on Liberal government to take responsibility for pricey UP Express blunders

Parkdale – High Park MPP and NDP Urban Transit critic Cheri DiNovo rose in the legislature this morning to question the Minister of Transportation on the Liberal government's pricey UP Express blunders using public dollars.

“We know Metrolinx does nothing without the approval of the Minister of Transportation” said DiNovo. “Instead of taking responsibility for UP Express, the minister has scapegoated public servants who were only doing what they were told to do.”

In yet another recent pricey blunder, Metrolinx spent tens of thousands of public dollars to design special uniforms for the Union-Pearson Express, and spent thousands more to get the uniforms featured during Fashion Week in Toronto, only to later drop out of the event.

DiNovo also reminded the Premier that the Liberal government committed to the flawed business model for the UP Express six year ago, when Wynne was Minister of Transportation. 

“The minister has to stop pretending that Metrolinx is independent of his ministry, and accept responsibility for the UP Express blunders,” said DiNovo.