January 29th, 2015

NDP MPP Peter Tabuns on the Liberal government’s mass school closures

Today, Peter Tabuns, NDP Education Critic and MPP for Toronto-Danforth, released the following statement:

“Parents are right to be deeply concerned about this Liberal government’s heavy-handed plan to force an unprecedented wave of school closures. In Toronto alone, the number of public schools that could be targeted for closure and sell-off is truly staggering – and thousands of families are worried about what it means for their kids. It’s wrong of the Liberals to be forcing mass school closures by cutting the education budget by half-a-billion dollars and making up new rules that curtail community consultation, especially at a time when elementary enrolment is increasing. 

Instead of foolishly selling off publicly-owned school property here in Toronto, the government should be supporting new community hubs as well as partnerships with other school boards and public services that will ensure public schools continue to serve families in every neighbourhood.”