March 6th, 2017

NDP to Wynne: ‘stop subsidizing the privatization of public utilities’

This morning in question period, NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns raised concerns that privatization of Ontario hydro companies is continuing, despite public outcry and government denials.

“Over the weekend, there was a credible report that Hydro One is negotiating to purchase Toronto Hydro. There were denials, but we’ve heard many denials before, just like before the last election when the premier denied that she was selling Hydro One,” said Tabuns. “This sort of deal-making is happening because this government is giving out fat tax breaks to utilities that are sold to the private sector.”

While the premier denies the reports, unnamed sources claim she has been directly involved in the negotiations.

“I remember Ed Clark’s words from October 2015, when he said Hydro One transmission should stay in public hands. The Liberal government announced six months later they were selling off Hydro One,” said Tabuns. “The premier has given the public good reason to be cynical and skeptical when it comes to privatization in Ontario’s electricity system.” 

Tabuns said that means Premier Kathleen Wynne has some answering to do.

“Why is the premier subsidizing the privatization of public utilities like Toronto Hydro?” asked Tabuns. “Will the premier stop subsidizing the sale of public utilities to private investors?”