December 1st, 2021

Neethan Shan chosen to be the NDP candidate in Scarborough Centre

SCARBOROUGH — New Democrats in Scarborough Centre have selected former Toronto City Councillor and school board Trustee Neethan Shan to be their NDP candidate in the 2022 provincial election.  Shan is also the executive director of national racial justice organization, the Urban Alliance on Race Relations.


Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath:
“Neethan’s longstanding community involvement and devoted advocacy are exactly what people in Scarborough Centre need after years of Doug Ford’s big cuts to health care, long-term care, and education. The Ford Conservatives failed to protect children in schools and allowed small businesses to go under during COVID-19. He’s refused to protect workers with paid sick days and a living wage, and to give working families a break on child care. Ford is here for his developer buddies, not regular people. We need Neethan on our team to fight for working folks, local businesses, and racial justice for people in Scarborough Centre.”

Neethan Shan, NDP candidate for Scarborough Centre:
“I love Scarborough and I’m committed to fighting for our residents to get the community services we need to thrive, from health care to education to better protection for workers. I am so excited to join Andrea Horwath in pushing for a more equitable province, more opportunities for youth and a fair and dignified living wage that acknowledges the hard work and sacrifices of frontline workers. As MPP, I will never stop fighting for greater equity and a more affordable life for families in Scarborough Centre.”
Shan is the current executive director of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, a national racial justice organization.
Shan is a former Toronto City Councillor and Toronto District School Board Trustee for Scarborough—Rouge River and York Region District School Board.
A former educator and youth outreach worker, Shan’s extensive involvement in the social services sector includes work with Parent Action on Drugs, Malvern Community Coalition and Scarborough Youth Task Force.
Shan is a staunch advocate for racial justice and has been pushing for systemic policy change in education, employment, health, and justice.