June 6th, 2018

The new $6 million man: It’s time Doug Ford was honest with Ontarians

TORONTO – Doug Ford has refused to be open and transparent with Ontarians following the explosive allegations made against him by the widow of his late brother Rob — including breach of trust, negligence and more than $6 million in losses at Deco Labels and Tags.

“Doug Ford wants to be your premier, yet he won’t answer the most basic questions about the serious allegations against him,” said Marit Stiles, NDP candidate for Davenport. “What people are saying to me on the doorstep is that they have a lot of questions -- and they believe they deserve answers. They’re asking: If this is how he treats his brother’s family, how can we trust him to make decisions for all our families? And if he hasn’t got the business savvy to run his father’s company, why should people trust him to run the province?”

Documents filed in court allege that Doug Ford sold his late brother’s shares in Deco Labels and Tags, after telling his widow they were worthless. It has since been revealed that Doug Ford is now the sole owner of the Ford family business, lending credibility to his brother’s widow’s accusations.

The lawsuit also alleges that Doug Ford paid himself an “extravagant salary” and wasted money on “ill-advised acquisitions” which all contributed to $6,098,993 in losses at the company, on Doug Ford’s watch.

“People want change, but Doug Ford isn’t change for the better. Ford’s repeated scandals, including active police investigations, are already worse than Kathleen Wynne’s scandals. He’d take Ontario from bad to worse, and Ontario deserves better,” said Stiles. “That’s why it’s so important that we all come together to stop Doug Ford.”

Ford was asked repeatedly by journalists to clear the air yesterday by disclosing his salary and the financial statements of Deco Labels and Tags. Instead he has done what Doug Ford does best – duck and run for cover. While he refuses to explain, a new report in the Toronto Star indicates corroboration for the widow’s claims, as court documents viewed by the Star show no indication there has been any payout to Rob Ford’s beneficiaries, two years after his death.

With voters heading to the polls tomorrow, Doug Ford owes Ontarians the facts.

  • Will Doug Ford disclose his Deco salary and the company's financial statements?
  • Did Doug Ford withhold the proceeds of Rob Ford’s estate from his family?
  • With several police investigations and these latest allegations, is this level of chaos Ontarians can expect from a Doug Ford government?