February 7th, 2020

New Democrats call on Elections Ontario to investigate possible collusion between “Vaughan Working Families” and Doug Ford PCs

QUEENS PARK — In a letter to Elections Ontario, MPP Peter Tabuns is calling for an investigation into possible collusion between Doug Ford’s government and the Vaughan-area Conservatives who financed “Vaughan Working Families” ads attacking teachers in major newspapers last weekend.

“Prominent Conservatives spent big money buying ads supporting Doug Ford, yet Doug Ford and Stephen Lecce still claim they knew nothing about it. The story that Lecce and the Ford government knew absolutely nothing about a six-figure campaign run by a party insider, is simply not believable,” said MPP Tabuns. “We’re asking Elections Ontario to get to the bottom of this.”

“Attacking educators using dark money ads running anonymously is wrong, and it shouldn’t happen in this province, period. People deserve better.”

Read the NDP Letter to Elections Ontario