May 10th, 2024

“No more sickening thuds!” - Canadian author Margaret Atwood joins NDP’s calls for bird-safe windows

TORONTO – In a video released at MPP Glover’s bird-safe windows rally, Margaret Atwood demands “No more sickening thuds!” Adding her voice in support of Ontario NDP MPP Chris Glover’s (Spadina – Fort York) bill that would mandate bird-safe windows on all new construction in Ontario.

Every year 25 million birds die through window collisions in Canada, many of them from endangered species. Birds are essential to protecting our environment.

“I don’t know why the Ford Conservative won’t take this simple measure to protect birds and the environment,” says MPP Glover. “The cost is minimal, but the impact of birds dying from window collisions is immense.”

Official Opposition NDP MPP Chris Glover (Spadina – Fort York) is calling on the province to ensure new builds and major renovations meet the CSA Bird-Friendly Design Standard to prevent bird deaths.

Glover was joined by FLAP Canada, Toronto Ornithological, Bird Diversity in Ontario, and Animal Justice – Animal Suffering.

“I want to thank everyone who added their voice to make buildings bird-safe in Ontario,” said Glover. “We have brought this legislation every year, but this government has delayed implementing this Bill. It has minimal cost and plays a huge environmental dividend. It’s time to finally implement bird-safe windows in Ontario.”


Camille Labchuk, ED, Animal Justice 

"Birds are members of our communities, and they deserve better than building design that leaves them vulnerable to suffering and dying from traumatic window strikes. It's time for Ontario to get serious about bird safe buildings and ensure healthy cities that are safe for members of other species, too."

Michael Mesure, FLAP Canada

“Bird collisions with windows is a leading cause of bird death across Ontario.  In 2018, the province hired the Canadian Standards Association to write the Bird-Friendly Building Design standard in an effort to help mitigate this concern.  The province has yet to adopt this very standard, nor have they retrofitted their existing buildings to be safe for birds. The time has come for them to do so.”