June 5th, 2019

Ontario NDP Transit critic condemns cuts to GO bus service

QUEEN’S PARK — Jessica Bell, Ontario NDP Transit critic, slammed the Ford government Wednesday for making cuts to GO bus service as it plows ahead with its subway-stealing scheme.

Metrolinx is discontinuing GO bus service on five routes and significantly reducing service on two more. GO quietly posted the changes on its website yesterday under ‘Service Updates.’ The cuts to GO bus service come after this year’s estimates revealed that the Ford Conservatives have slashed funding for Metrolinx by $184 million.

“These cuts come as a devastating blow for transit riders who rely on these bus services,” said Bell. “This is going to make things so much worse for transit riders, who are already dealing with delays and overcrowding, as Doug Ford derails planned improvements.”

Yesterday, the Ford Conservatives voted to plow ahead with their plan to seize control of Toronto’s subways and rip up existing plans. And they’re asking the federal government to chip in for their back-of-the-napkin scheme when they don’t even have a business case to support it.

“Transit riders across the GTHA deserve so much better,” said Bell. “We need to be investing in public transit, not making cuts and ripping up plans.”

The cuts to GO bus service are set to take effect on June 29, 2019.

The following routes will be discontinued:

  • Route 20 (Oakville to Milton)
  • Route 24 (Milton to Cambridge)
  • Route 38 (Malton to Bolton)
  • Route 38A (Bolton to North York)
  • Route 60 (Canada’s Wonderland)

The following routes will see reduced service:

  • Route 90 (Lakeshore East)
  • Route 81 (Beaverton/Port Perry/Whitby)