April 15th, 2019

Partisan stickers, steep fines and government putting itself above the law

Ford budget creates a chill for prospective Ontario investors

QUEEN’S PARK— The NDP’s Official Opposition Jobs, Employment and Innovation critic Catherine Fife said that businesses looking to invest in Ontario are becoming anxious due to changes announced in Doug Ford’s budget last Thursday.

Under Ford's rule, every gas station in Ontario will be required to put a partisan sticker on every gas pump, or face a $10,000 fine. Meanwhile, any company negatively impacted by Ford’s policies, like his ripping up green energy contracts without notice, will no longer have the option of seeking legal recourse — a result of Ford introducing legislation that puts his government above the law, untouchable by lawsuits.

“Businesses making investment decisions are anxious about the unstable climate the Ford government is creating,” said Fife. “On top of cutting funding for municipal infrastructure, axing support for education and career training, and driving down the province's credit rating, Ford is putting politics ahead of the economy with nonsense like his scheme to make gas stations advertise on the Conservatives’ behalf.

“Businesses and working people need stability; Doug Ford isn't offering that.”