September 29th, 2015

Premier Must Respect All Education Workers and Return to Bargaining Table, NDP Education Critic

Today, Windsor West MPP and NDP Education Critic Lisa Gretzky continued to press Premier Wynne to respect all education workers and commit to bargaining with all parties in education.

“Education workers clean and repair our schools, make sure that all the proper forms go out and the records are kept, and they provide one-on-one care for students with special needs – a crucial bridge between these students' complex needs and their educational outcomes,” said Gretzky. 'These students deserve to be successful too. Why won’t this government roll up its sleeves, get back to the bargaining table with all parties in the education system and treat this issue with urgency?'

Gretzky highlight the plight of CUPE education workers, who have been without a contract since September 2014 and continue to seek a fair deal despite being at the table since July. Elementary public teachers have been without a contract now for 394 days.

“Why won't this government get back to bargaining in earnest with elementary teachers and education workers? Why is this government content to create a crisis in our schools?” demanded Gretzky.