November 19th, 2015

Premier once again chooses short-sighted sell-off over best interests of Ontario

This evening, the Premier and the Liberal members of the Legislature voted against Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s motion that would have stopped any further sell-off of Hydro One shares. Once again this Liberal government has ignored the wishes of the majority of Ontarians. 

“The Premier and her government had a choice,” said Horwath. “They could have stood up for hard-working Ontario families and businesses that will be hurt by higher rates. They could have voted to keep in public hands an asset that helps to fund our schools, hospitals, roads and transit, but they didn’t even bother to use their full debate time to justify an unjustifiable position. Instead they chose to plow ahead with this short-sighted sell-off.”


The Opposition Day Motion put forward by the Leader of the Ontario NDP was another opportunity for the Premier and the Liberal government to reconsider the deeply unpopular sell-off of Hydro One. More than 80% of Ontarians oppose the sell-off and 185 municipalities have called on the government to change course. 

“There comes a point in the tenure of every Premier that stands out in the minds of Ontarians. The sell-off of Hydro One is a defining moment for the Premier and her Government and it speaks volumes to their priorities,” said Horwath. “New Democrats won’t give up. We will continue to stand up for Ontario families and businesses and fight for affordable, public hydro.”