May 23rd, 2014

Pundits Praise New Ad About Andrea Horwath And Plan That Makes Sense

Political pundits responded with praise to a new advertisement featuring Andrea Horwath and her plan for change that makes sense for Ontario. The ad highlights how Horwath’s Hamilton roots have molded her as a fighter for everyday families, and is filmed candidly at her home and in her neighborhood with unscripted moments, and a soundtrack by award-winning Hamilton band the Arkells.

“This is a good-looking ad” said Adam Radwanski of the Globe and Mail. Cristina Howorun from CTV praised the ad saying: “love when politicians integrate solid music into their story.” John Michael McGrath from Queen’s Park briefing said: “Points to Horwath for putting her urban politics record front and centre.” Carly Conway from CHCH TV said: “@AndreaHorwath launches new TV ad & it's suuuuper.”

The ad will run over the next few weeks and, if initial reactions are any indication, will further highlight that Andrea Horwath is the only leader fighting for everyday people with ideas that make sense.

“Andrea has a powerful story to tell,” says NDP Director of Communications Jen Hassum. “She’s warm, she’s approachable, and most importantly, people trust her.”