October 5th, 2023

REALITY CHECK: Ontario NDP reveals Ford’s Ontario Place Special Advisor never provided any advice

QUEEN’S PARK – In 2021, Premier Ford appointed a special advisor on Ontario Place. The special advisor, Mark Saunders, is a long time ally of Premier Ford, would go on to be a Conservative Party candidate, and the candidate he would later endorse for Mayor of Toronto.

During Question Period, MPP Chris Glover (Spadina – Fort York) asked the Premier what work the Special Advisor, who was reportedly paid $171,500 per year, did.

After the usual obfuscation from the government, Glover continued “we filed freedom of information requests for all advice or reports from Mr. Saunders during his time as the Premier’s Special Advisor on the Ontario Place redevelopment.

But the government found no records; no advice or reports.

Can the premier show any evidence that his special advisor produced any advice?”

Turns out, there was no special advice.