April 20th, 2022

Rhyan Vincent-Smith to be the NDP candidate in Oakville North—Burlington

OAKVILLE—New Democrats in Oakville North—Burlington have chosen Rhyan Vincent-Smith to be their NDP candidate in the 2022 election.


Sara Singh, Deputy NDP Leader

“Rhyan is the kind of community leader people in Oakville North-Burlington need — to fight for what really matters to families. People in Oakville have had to face years of Doug Ford’s cuts to our hospitals, to education, to seniors’ care. He’ll fight to fix what the Liberals and Conservatives have broken, pushing for investment in our local hospitals, better home care and long-term care for seniors, and protections for local businesses.”

Rhyan Vincent-Smith, NDP candidate for Oakville North—Burlington

“Life keeps getting harder for families in Oakville North-Burlington. Housing prices keep rising, small businesses have been put at a disadvantage, and our health care system is hurting from years of Liberal and Conservative funding freezes and cuts. Almost every family has been touched by mental health challenges after two difficult pandemic years. Doug Ford’s cuts won’t fix any of that. His government has refused to invest in home care and long-term care so seniors can live decent lives. He refuses to address the housing crisis. He’s still cutting public health, and our children’s schools. I’m excited to join Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP to fix what matters most to Ontarians, and make sure my community of Oakville North-Burlington has the supports they need to live their best lives.”


  • Rhyan is founder and CEO of Beyond Unexpected Inc., which provides marketing support to Black and racialized content producers.
  • Has experience working in the arts and entertainment industry as an actor, singer and rapper.
  • Has worked in entrepreneurship and customer service.
  • Lives in Oakville, and is passionate about providing inspiration and hope to help others get through difficult times.