January 9th, 2019

Stalling on auto insurance rates, Ford is wasting time and money

BRAMPTON — Brampton East NDP MPP and Official Opposition critic for Auto Insurance Gurratan Singh released the following statement in response to the Ford government’s announcement of a consultation on the province’s auto insurance system:

“People in Brampton and all across Ontario already know exactly what is wrong with the auto insurance system in this province — insurance companies are allowed to gouge drivers, and families are paying too much. What they need is a government that will take real and immediate action to end postal code discrimination and bring down the highest auto insurance premiums in the country.

Instead, Doug Ford and his government are stalling by holding a ridiculous, completely unnecessary consultation on an issue that people across the province already agree on.

The NDP and I tabled a bill in 2018 that would have ended postal code discrimination and lowered auto insurance rates for millions of people. Doug Ford’s Conservatives used their majority to vote it down.

Ontarians need a government that will act to make their lives more affordable, and have their backs when insurance companies try to take advantage of them. Instead, Doug Ford is preparing to consult his insider friends in the insurance companies, so they can keep making record profits on the backs of Ontario families. People deserve better.”