February 7th, 2018

Statement from International Trade critic Taras Natyshak on Wynne and the Buy American policies

300,000 manufacturing jobs lost, along with faith in Wynne and the Liberals

NDP International Trade critic Taras Natyshak released the following statement Wednesday:

“Kathleen Wynne is grandstanding before an election regarding the threat of Buy American policies. Ontarians don’t trust her to manage trade relationships now, and I don’t blame them.

I don’t know whose side she’s on – but it sure as heck hasn’t been Ontario auto workers.

The Liberals have held the premier’s office in Ontario for 14 years, and in that time, 300,000 manufacturing jobs, including tens of thousands of auto industry jobs, have been lost. Kathleen Wynne continues to drag her feet on developing any comprehensive automotive strategy and supports policies that sell out auto workers. Just last month, Wynne gave her approval on a new Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite the very grave risk to thousands more jobs in the auto and auto parts sector. Auto manufactures, unions and families continue to warn of the damage that this deal will do to their livelihoods but Wynne continues to forge ahead.

Ontarians have felt the squeeze of a Liberal government – higher costs, service cutbacks and paycheques that don’t keep pace with the rising cost of living. They’re worried they’ll be let down by Wynne again – and they can’t keep going through the same Liberal disappointments.”