July 9th, 2018

$100 million in school repairs cancelled: Statement from NDP MPP-elect Peggy Sattler

LONDON – NDP MPP-elect Peggy Sattler issued the following statement in response to Doug Ford’s cancellation of $100 million for school repairs, a result of cancelling Ontario's participation in the cap-and-trade market:

“Ontario has a $16-billion school repair backlog. Kids finished the school year in sweltering classrooms, and by winter, they'll be wearing their coats and mittens at their desks. There are water fountains that aren't safe to drink from and roofs that need to be replaced.

Doug Ford's cut to school repair funding will take the condition of Ontario's schools and classrooms from bad to worse.

It’s sad that there is no hope coming for kids and educators, and absolutely disgusting that our children's classrooms is one of the first places Doug Ford's axe is falling. Ontario's students need more opportunity and resources -- not less."