March 27th, 2015

Statement by Ontario NDP Finance Critic Catherine Fife on the Sunshine List

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP Finance Critic Catherine Fife released the following statement in response to the release of the Sunshine List. 

“The latest edition of the Sunshine List shows that even as she prepares to make more cuts to public services in the upcoming budget, Kathleen Wynne has done absolutely nothing to control the rise of outrageous public sector CEO salaries despite her pledge to do so.  She promised change when she became Premier. Instead we’re seeing the same old Liberal arrogance. She promised accountability and transparency. Instead the Premier’s office is under 4 separate OPP investigations and mired in cover-ups.

Under Kathleen Wynne’s watch public sector CEOs have hit the jackpot in Ontario.  Meanwhile her government is handing layoff notices to nurses, closing hospital beds, slashing $500 million in funding to schools over the next three years, and cutting support for social assistance and social housing. The Sunshine List proves there’s nothing progressive about Liberal priorities.”