September 7th, 2015

Statement by Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on Labour Day

For New Democrats Labour Day is much more than the last long-weekend of the summer.  It is a chance to remind ourselves of the sacrifices that generations of hard-working Ontarians made to ensure that Ontario’s workplaces are as fair and safe as possible. It was through the hard-fought struggles of working people in this province that we now have weekends, the 40-hour work week, parental leave, fair wages, workplace safety protections and benefits.


p dir='ltr'>These struggles are not over, but rather an ongoing process. New Democrats believe that we must set our sights higher – for decent wages, safer workplaces, a dignified retirement and a fairer province in which we can all  prosper. 


p dir='ltr'>This Labour Day, as we all enjoy the last long-weekend of the summer, New Democrats are proud to join with the Labour movement and working people in this province as we re-commit ourselves to working for a better, fairer, safer and more prosperous Ontario.


p dir='ltr'>From shop floors to cottage porches and everything in between, Happy Labour Day from the Ontario NDP.

Happy #LabourDay from the #NDP! \n— Andrea Horwath (@AndreaHorwath) September 7, 2015