April 13th, 2015

Statement by Peter Tabuns, Ontario NDP Energy, Environment and Climate Change Critic

Queen's Park - Ontario NDP Energy, Environment and Climate Change Critic Peter Tabuns issued the following statement.

'New Democrats have long called for a balanced approach to carbon pricing. It has taken this Liberal government 7 years of foot-dragging to finally honour the commitment they made to cap-and-trade back in 2008. We will carefully review the proposed measures to make sure they are effective at protecting our environment, and fair for all Ontario consumers, including small businesses and manufacturers.


Carbon pricing is a useful approach for tackling climate change, but no strategy can be successful without giving Ontarians the tools they need to conserve energy every day in their homes and businesses.

Ontarians are sick of paying unaffordable energy bills. Instead of selling off our public power system and driving up costs even higher, Kathleen Wynne should help Ontarians conserve energy immediately by restoring funding for home retrofits, by helping households and businesses transition to renewable sources of energy, and by setting energy efficiency benchmarks for the appliances we use, and the buildings where we live and work. The last thing our warming climate needs is more Liberal hot air. We need action.'