June 26th, 2017

Statement from the NDP on a public inquiry into the Elizabeth Wettlaufer killings

Teresa Armstrong, the NDP Seniors Home and Long-Term Care, and Seniors' Affairs critic, issued the following statement regarding the government’s announcement of a limited review of the circumstances that led to the Wettlaufer killings:

“An inquiry into the system that allowed Elizabeth Wettlaufer access to seniors long-term care homes, her victims, and the drugs she used to kill them, is necessary.

But, when it comes to seniors long-term care, the statement from Wynne’s Liberal government today shows that Wynne has her head in the sand when it comes to broader, systemic concerns within seniors long-term care in Ontario. Clearly, Wynne isn’t listening to the families of long-term care residents who have voiced concerns.

Andrea Horwath, the NDP and I have been listening, and will have more to say in response to those concerns shortly.”