April 12th, 2021

Top five times since April 1 Ford and Lecce insisted schools were safe

QUEEN’S PARK — Despite repeated warnings from experts and the NDP that schools would need additional resources and attention to remain open safely, the Ford government has refused to acknowledge the risks in schools.

Here are five times Premier Doug Ford and Education Minister Lecce said that schools are safe for kids for in-person learning since April 1:

  1. Lecce: April 11: “Ontario has one of the lowest case rates for young people under 19 years old in Canada…. since September, 99.2 per cent of students and 98.7 per cent of staff never reported an active case.”
  2. Ford: April 7: “These schools are safe.”
  3. Ford: April 6: “Schools are safe. Folks, across the province, we’re looking at 98.5 per cent, almost 99 per cent of the schools are currently open.”
  4. Lecce: April 6: “Schools are safe. The data speaks for itself.”
  5. Lecce: April 1: “But we are proud on this side of the House. We’re proud of our students and the system of education that has worked so well to keep COVID out of our schools.”