February 18th, 2021

Week one: Horwath brings nine solutions for help and hope, Ford blocks all

QUEEN’S PARK — During week one of the legislative sitting, Andrea Horwath and the New Democrats proposed nine positive solutions to help people make it through the pandemic and prevent a third wave — while the Doug Ford government proposed none, and blocked every last NDP proposal.

“People need more help to get through the pandemic, and more hope that we can end this,” said Horwath. “We came here this week ready to take action that would give people hope.

“Sadly, Doug Ford wasted this week. His government didn’t bring forward a single change to help people, and blocked every last one brought by the NDP — which were all things widely and loudly called for by experts and community members all over the province. I’m incredibly disappointed that he keeps choosing to put money and politics ahead of public health. But the variants are here. A third wave would devastate seniors, small businesses, students and everyone who is exhausted and frustrated. So, we won’t be deterred. We’re coming back with more positive proposals, day after day, until people get the relief they’re desperate for.”

Since Tuesday, the NDP has tried for all-MPP agreement to pass motions and bills that would have:

  1. Given workers paid sick days
  2. Given long-term care residents enough staff to offer every resident four-hours of hands on care per day
  3. Ensured care home residents couldn’t be denied access to their essential caregiver
  4. Put an eviction ban in place during the pandemic
  5. Created an equity strategy to put culturally-appropriate plans in place to support disproportionately impacted communities
  6. Made schools safer with a class cap of 15, a comprehensive in-school testing program and more
  7. Raised the pay of all PSWs by $4 an hour
  8. Put a small business support plan in place, including rent support
  9. Created a Seniors’ Advocate