May 16th, 2018

Wynne Liberals allow outrageous Hydro One board pay hike

Kathleen Wynne could have stopped Hydro One's board of directors from giving themselves an outrageous raise, but she chose not to.

As some shareholders voted against the raise, Wynne’s appointees could have stopped it.

They stayed silent, refusing to vote and allowing the raise for rich hydro board members to pass.

Doug Ford has endorsed Wynne’s disastrous hydro borrowing scheme, and shares her views supporting privatization. That means he would replace Kathleen Wynne's overpaid cronies with his own – and Ontarians will keep paying. The Wynne / Ford hydro scheme will cause rates to soar by 70 per cent shortly after the election.

Ontarians don’t have to settle for bad or worse on hydro.

NDP’s hydro plan will address the underlying costs of hydro, get bills down by 30 per cent and keep them down by:

  • Bringing Hydro One back into public ownership and control
  • Reining in outrageous executive compensation
  • Renegotiating or cancelling overpriced long-term contracts that are forcing Ontario families and businesses to pay private profits to energy companies for decades, even for energy they don’t use
  • Ending mandatory time-of-use premiums and eliminating unfair rural hydro delivery rates