November 28th, 2016

Wynne government must stop pushing people into poverty with skyrocketing hydro rates: NDP

During question period today, NDP MPP for Windsor-Tecumseh, Percy Hatfield, demanded the Wynne government stop the privatization of Hydro One and control rising hydro costs, after a food bank report showed that more Ontarians are unable to afford their electricity bills and are being  pushed into poverty. 

“This year’s Hunger Report, from the Ontario Association of Food Banks, shows that the rapidly increasing cost of hydro is making it even harder for people to put food on their table,” Hatfield said.  “In fact, Ontario’s food banks say the rising cost of hydro is having a “direct” and “devastating” impact in the lives of struggling Ontarians.”

“When will this government do the right thing, stop the privatization of Hydro One, and stop pushing people across Ontario into energy poverty?” Hatfield asked.

Ontario’s food banks are feeding over 335,000 people each and every month, more than when the recession hit 8 years ago.

“Hydro rates are out of control. They’re pushing families and seniors into poverty across Ontario,” Hatfield said. “Since 2008, there’s been a 23 per cent increase in the number of seniors relying on food banks.  And this government just isn’t doing enough to help people who are struggling and falling further behind on their hydro bills.”

The Hunger Reportsays: “The help that currently exists from the provincial government is not comprehensive or inclusive enough for the majority of Ontario families struggling to make ends meet.”

“When will this government take real action to get hydro rates under control, stop pushing people into poverty, and stop any further sell-off of Hydro One?” Hatfield asked.