February 2nd, 2021

York South—Weston MPP says more supports needed to stop gun violence

MPP comments on shooting that took place in Jane Falstaff Sunday night

MPP Faisal Hassan said the province must return and improve the supports and services that help communities prevent gun violence, after yet another deadly night in York South—Weston.

“I’m sending my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the young man lost his life to gun violence in the Jane Falstaff area. I am deeply concerned with the ongoing community violence occurring in York South—Weston," Hassan said. "People in York South—Weston, and across Toronto and Ontario, deserve to feel safe and secure in their homes and in their community. We need to address the problem of gun violence from all angles – from addressing root causes like poverty, investing in services folks need like mental health supports, particularly for youth who witness this type of violence, to a gun and ammunition ban in crowded cities.” Hassan has met with Toronto Police Service 12 Division and Toronto Community Housing to raise the concerns of Falstaff community residents and area homeowners. Solutions like gate arms to be installed at both entrances of the Jane-Falstaff community housing are part of the solution — and need to be expedited, says Hassan — but the province can’t just leave communities and neighbourhoods to cope with gun violence alone while taking away programs and supports that help prevent it. “Since 2018, Doug Ford has slashed the Learning Opportunities Grant. He’s cut millions from the Support for Students Fund. He’s taken away programs that give at-risk youth after-school jobs. He’s cancelled more than $330 million in mental health funding. During the pandemic, people at risk are more isolated and unsupported than ever — yet they have fewer places to turn thanks to cuts. We need more help to stop the violence in North York, and in all communities.”