February 24th, 2022

York South—Weston MPP welcomes 2022 Youth Council

York South—Weston – MPP Faisal Hassan, the Ontario NDP’s critic for Youth Opportunities, is pleased to announce this year's team of young leaders participating in Hassan’s Youth Council for York South—Weston.

“Young people possess a unique perspective, and the Youth Council provides an opportunity for youth to take action and have their voices raised through community and political action,” Hassan said.

“York South—Weston is home to many brilliant and inspiring young leaders. I’m inspired by their community involvement, and I look forward to working with them to give a voice to youth who are too often ignored.”

Hassan thanked outgoing Youth Council team for their tremendous work.

“Shanthos Thangalingam, Numaan Rahman, Muna Ahmed, Olivia Lee, Natalie Pilla, Rhythm Rana, Zeyd Hassan, Norah Rahman, Saherla Osman, Sumaiya Tasnim, Emily Huynh and Devron Swaby contributed greatly to the 2021 Youth Council,” he said.

“I welcome Jamila Wynter-Scotland, Jordyn Crawford, Ibrahim Akinola, Qadra Rihdan and Eli Prinsloo to the 2022 MPP Faisal Hassan Youth Council and am excited to work with them and to see them apply their experiences making our community stronger.”