April 11th, 2017

Young families can’t provide for their children and pay Liberal hydro prices

London-Fanshawe MPP Teresa Armstrong says the Liberal governments’ failed hydro schemes are forcing young families to choose between paying out-of-control hydro bills and providing for their children. 

“Because they can’t afford their hydro bill, one young mom spends her days at her parents’ house to save on time-of-use charges, but it hasn’t worked, their bills haven’t changed,” said Armstrong this morning during question period. “Premier, can you imagine the frustration and anger these young parents feel being forced to choose between paying for your hydro schemes and providing for their infant?' 

The London-area family, who requested anonymity, live in a modest, semi-detached house that does not use electric heating. They spend their days at a grandparent’s house to avoid being in their own home during premium time-of-use hours. 

“When will this government take responsibility for the failed energy policies that you are forcing new young families to pay for?” asked Armstrong, the NDP Critic for Home and Long-Term Care. “And when we will see the Liberal plan?”

The NDP recently released a plan to lower hydro bills for young families like this one by up to 30 per cent. The plan reverses the Liberal government’s costly privatization in Ontario’s hydro system, and offers a number of immediate steps and long-term fixes to the hydro system to keep rates down – including ending unfair time-of-use billing practices.