Our Water Belongs To Us

We must act now to protect our water.

The clock is ticking on the moratorium on water bottling as the Ford government decides how to proceed. Removing the moratorium would open the tap for Doug Ford to make deals with big corporations like Nestlé. We now have a chance to do what’s right: protect our water.

    Did you know Nestlé only pays Ontario $503.71 per million litres extracted? This buys them the ability to deplete our water tables, harm our ecosystems, produce billions of single use plastic bottles – all while pocketing millions in profits. On top of which, they do this without the consent – in fact, with vocal opposition – from the Indigenous communities on whose territory they operate. As the climate crisis worsens and we collectively work towards reconciliation, Ontarians know protecting our water is of the upmost importance.

    Send Doug Ford a message: our water is precious, and it is our government’s job to protect it – not exploit it for corporate greed.

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