June 11th, 2019

Failing to display gas pump stickers equal to ammo buying ID fraud, according to Ford

QUEEN’S PARK — With Doug Ford’s new law, gas stations that fail to display Ford’s anti-carbon-price stickers on every pump face prosecution under the Provincial Offenses Act, matching the punishment for using a fake ID to stock up on gun ammunition.

“According to Ford, failing to display his Conservative propaganda on gas pumps is as bad as using a fake ID to stock up on gun ammunition, or selling cigarettes in child care centres and schools – offences prosecuted under the Provincial Offenses Act that also carry a $10,000 fine,” said Marit Stiles, NDP MPP for Davenport. “It’s outrageous, and it’s chilling for everyone in Ontario – especially business owners.”

As of Aug. 30, gas stations must display Ford’s stickers prominently on gas pumps, or face prosecution and conviction.

“Ford is blowing public money on partisan stickers to help his buddy Andrew Scheer get elected, and putting business owners at risk of conviction and fines just to make sure he gets his way,” said Stiles. “The government should be focused on getting education and health care right, not picking fights over partisan advertising.”