Campaign 2022 Review

Ontario’s New Democrats have an important opportunity to engage in a wide-ranging conversation about the 2022 campaign. Tell us what worked well, what we need to build on and what lessons we can carry into our plans for the 2026 election.

The review will assess strengths and weaknesses and include solution-based actions to help us prepare for the next election. Members, regional caucuses, equity committees, candidates, Caucus members, campaign and Party staff and senior campaign leaders are all important voices in this process. The Party’s Executive and the 2026 Election Planning Committee will use this review to build a strategic plan for the future.

Your Feedback is Invited

The Campaign Review Committee (CRC), all volunteers, want to hear from as many Ontario New Democrats as possible. There are a number of ways to connect including an online survey.

Online Survey Link

The CRC will hold a series of meetings with a variety of groups, including the Party’s Executive, Council delegates, equity committees, regional caucuses, MPPs, candidates, unions, central campaign staff and service providers.

The CRC will also accept invitations to meet with other groups, such as ridings or campaign teams. For instance, a group of neighbouring riding campaigns may want to explore specific issues. If you are interested, please send the CRC an email, setting out the details to While the CRC cannot guarantee that every request will be fulfilled, given the timelines and the available time of the five volunteer-members, it will make its best efforts to accommodate the requests.

Members are also encouraged to reach out to the CRC with written submissions to: As with the interviews and in person meetings, the CRC is committed to giving these submissions thoughtful consideration.

Note that the CRC will hold all submissions and comments in confidence.

The CRC will supplement the insights and information it receives from the surveys, submissions, meetings and interviews with materials that document the 2022 campaign.

The CRC will provide a report on progress to Provincial Council at its November meeting with a final report in spring 2023.

Thank you in advance for all you do to grow and strengthen our movement.

CRC Members

Janelle Brady, co-chair

Janelle Brady, President of the ONDP, is an assistant professor in the School of Early Childhood Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University, where she was the recipient of the Viola Desmond Award in her first year of joining the university. She is an anti-racist educator, activist-researcher, and community organizer and has been an organizer at several levels within the ONDP. She has served as a chief financial officer and as a campaign manager for the first winning ONDP campaign in Humber River-Black Creek in 2018. She co-chaired the party’s Ethno-Racial Equity Committee and helped revive and reshape it. Later she was elected as vice-president for the ONDP, where she has spearheaded several equity initiatives.

While doing her PhD at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Janelle served as the senior coordinator and researcher of the Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies and is now an adviser. She is also a co-founder and director of a social enterprise, the Downsview Advocate, a local newspaper in Toronto’s north end that aims to foster civic engagement.

Dennis Young, co-chair

Dennis Young took part in his first campaign in 1968 as a volunteer canvasser in Hamilton. Fifty-one years later, in 2019, he managed the federal campaign in Newfoundland and Labrador. Early in his career in the NDP he was a riding activist, a staff field organizer for the ONDP, and a candidate, He was federal secretary and also acting secretary in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Ontario. He’s been a regional manager and managed national, provincial and territorial campaigns as well as riding campaigns across Canada.

Not only an organizer, he’s worked as chief of staff to four leaders at Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill and as senior adviser on three leaders’ tours. He's also been involved in polling, communications, financial management and planning, both for campaigns and the party between elections.

Dennis has worked outside the party for a number of not-for-profits and on various projects for unions.

Rosemarie Bahr

Rosemarie Bahr has worked in 30 provincial, federal and by-elections from coast to coast, in cities, small towns and the North. She’s directed central communications, taught staff and volunteers, managed riding campaigns, run E-days, and written more campaign leaflets than anyone can remember. She has also organized leader’s tour events, advanced leader’s tour, written speeches and policy documents, and organized conventions.

From 1970 to 1988 she worked off-and-on full-time for the party (jobs lasted until the end of the next election) — six years at provincial office and another six for the Ontario caucus. She became marketing director for YWCA Canada and then in 1990 went out on her own, doing communications and campaigns for the Canadian Association of Labour Media, various unions, associations, not-for-profits, and the NDP. She retired from paid work in 2020.

Lynn Dee Eason

Lynn Dee Eason, president of Algoma-Manitoulin NDP, co-chairs the party’s Northern Caucus, where she strives to bring the voice of smaller, remote communities to the table. In campaigns in the Sault and Wawa she’s been a door knocker, manual cold caller, Call-Hub user —in wind, rain, and cold — as well as a campaign manager. She’s also served as co-chair of the party’s Women’s Committee, dramatically increasing the committee’s social media communications.

She taught Communications for Sault College first in Wawa and then commuting to the Sault. Many students she served were dealing with barriers including gender/racial biases, income vulnerability, family disruptions, ageism, and mental/physical disabilities. She learned a lot from them about their lives, hopes, and ambitions for themselves and their families.

Lynn Dee’s been active, too, in the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, starting with her local health and safety committee. She’s sat on local and regional committees and then on their provincial executive and bargaining committee. Recently she coordinated the campaign of OPSEU’s newly elected president.

Gurratan Singh

Gurratan Singh is a passionate advocate for justice and equity and a champion of Human Rights. He is the former MPP for Brampton East, where he served as the critic for Attorney General and as Deputy House Leader. He has also been on the ONDP executive and the Election Planning Committee.

A lawyer by profession, an activist by heart, Gurratan is known for championing important causes and bringing people together.