Indigenous Peoples Committee

Encouraging the participation of Aboriginal peoples in politics and giving a voice to them within the Party are the guiding principles of the Indigenous Peoples Committee. The committee welcomes all Indigenous Peoples, First Nations, Métis and Inuit into the party as members, supporters and candidates.

Women’s Committee

The Women’s Committee works to encourage the participation of women in the political process and is an organizing space to advance women’s rights and to counter sexism and gender inequality.

Ethno-Racial Equity Committee

The Ethno-Racial Equity Committee focuses on ensuring that the multicultural nature of Ontario, and the perspectives of racialized and ethnic minority Ontarians are reflected in our membership, our candidates and the political system at large.

LGBTQ Committee

The LGBT Committee works to advance the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and Queer Ontarians. The committee celebrates and encourages the participation of the LGBTQ community in the political process locally and provincially.

Persons Living with Disabilities Committee

New Democrats living with disabilities and their allies are invited to join the Persons Living with Disabilities Committee, a space to challenge ableism throughout society and to break down barriers to full participation in Ontario’s political system and society at large.

Ontario New Democratic Youth

ONDY is the is a voice for New Democrats under 26 years old and has chapters on campuses and in communities across the province. ONDY members are committed to keeping issues facing young people on the political agenda and are growing our party for the next generation.

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