Aboriginal Committee

Encouraging the participation of Aboriginal peoples in politics and giving a voice to them within the Party are the guiding principles of the Aboriginal Committee. The committee welcomes all Aboriginal People, First Nations, Métis and Inuit into the party as members, supporters and candidates.

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Women’s Committee

Women’s Committee focuses not only on encouraging women’s participation in the political process but it also serves as a place to break down barriers and dispel stereotypes. Under Andrea Horwath’s historic leadership – she is the first woman to lead Ontario NDP – more and more women are getting involved in the party and we hope to use this space to galvanize them into action.

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Ethnic Liason Committee

Reaching across all ethnic, religious and racial identifications, the Ethnic Liaison Committee encompasses the diversity of Ontario today. The committee actively works to increase the participation of its members in a substantive and meaningful manner in the Ontario political process.

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LGBT Committee

Supporting the progressive and inclusive agenda of our Party, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Committee works to make sure all Canadians have equal rights and opportunities. Whether it be calling for a National Day Against Homophobia, fighting for Trans equality or championing the inclusion of Sex Reassignment Surgery, it is the NDP that can be counted on to work for – and on behalf – of our community. The committee celebrates and encourages the participation of the LGBT community in the political process locally and provincially.

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Disability Rights Committee

Working to ensure that differently-abled Canadians have equal opportunities, the Disability Rights Committee is a place for New Democrats living with disabilities to come together and advocate for inclusion in the political process. The committee exists to bring together all persons who are concerned about the issues relating to disabilities with an aim for a barrier-free, universally accessible society.

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Putting the priorities of young people and their families first, the Ontario New Democratic Youth is a voice for Ontarions, under 26 years old. At campuses and communities youth are uniting to advocate for issues that matter to them.

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