The fight for our Science Centre is far from over – it’s only just begun. Its future is not in Ford’s hands. It’s in ours. It’s in yours.



Doug Ford's government has abruptly closed the Ontario Science Centre, a beloved institution that has inspired generations and served as a vital community hub for Flemingdon Park and Thorncliffe Park. We know Ford's real motive here is to justify his vanity mega-spa project at Ontario Place.

The Ontario Science Centre welcomes over 900,000 visitors annually, including 170,000 children through school field trips. It offers award-winning school programs and has been a source of inspiration and education for millions of Ontarians.

Ford's decision to close the Science Centre will create chaos for every parent whose summer childcare plans rely on its camps and programs. He’s screwing people over for a vanity project.


Doug Ford and his politicians think they can close the doors on a beloved, world-class cultural institution with less than a day’s notice and no one would bat an eye? Hell no. We won’t let them get away with it.

Marit Stiles and the Ontario NDP are standing up for our communities and fighting to keep the Ontario Science Centre where it belongs. An Ontario NDP government will stop Ford's demolition by neglect and invest in repairing, restoring, and revitalizing the Science Centre.

We know Ford's government never intended to keep the Science Centre open. This is part of their broader pattern of eroding public goods—doing it to our hospitals, schools, public lands, child care.


The fight for the Ontario Science Centre is far from over—it’s only just begun. The future of the Science Centre isn’t in Ford’s hands; it’s in ours. It’s in yours. We’re keeping up the pressure on the government and working with the community to show Ford he can't get away with this. We're committed to reopening the Science Centre and ensuring the necessary investments are made so future generations can continue to find inspiration in this important cultural gem.

The battle to save the Ontario Science Centre is part of a larger fight to ensure government works for the many, not the money. A government led by Marit Stiles will invest in community hubs, invest in people, and prioritize the needs of everyday Ontarians over the interests of the wealthy few.

Marit Stiles is ready to take on Doug Ford and his government—and win. She’s prepared to fight for the issues that matter most to Ontarians, reaching out to every worker, parent, student, tenant, and farmer—every Ontarian—to join the movement. Together, we can build a government that truly works for the people, not against them.


Join us in to save the Ontario Science Centre. Add your voice in the sections below to put the pressure on Doug Ford to stop his plans to dismantle the Ontario Science Centre. Let's keep this vital community resource where it belongs and ensure a government that works for the many, not the money.

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